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Our Mission

If you ask most people approaching retirement, their biggest fear is running out of money.

Therefore, cash flow and guaranteed income for life become more important in retirement than getting the highest rate of return possible.

Most pre-retirees and retirees favor safe money strategies when it comes to maximizing their retirement nest egg.

The happiest people in retirement are those who receive guaranteed paychecks for life, because they no longer have to worry about running out of money.

Women & Money

Women face unique financial challenges in retirement that men do not.

The majority of women feel a lack of confidence with money, but studies show they are eager to learn better financial management.

Yet, they've been underserved by the financial services industry. Until recently, communication from investment firms, banking institutions and insurance companies have maintained a male-centric focus, which puts off women. Not just clients, but female advisors as well.

I'm here to change all that by helping women increase their financial literacy and showing them how to create a plan, so they don't outlive their money in retirement.

My mission is to bring financial peace of mind to everyone I touch.



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